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The graphic below portrays the messaging path in a telecommunications system.
Mouseover the numbers. This graphic was created for a web course. (This is a reduced size.)


 Olympus Chip.
An ad chip for the Olympus camera site. Created in Flash.


 Messaging Path.
Animation to instruct users on negotiating configuration software. Created in Flash.

 Training screen.
Animation demonstrating the Video On Demand routing. Created in Flash.

 Signal Path.
The graphic below portrays a segment
a signal path in a telecommunications system. Mouseover the purple units (upper right) and the tvs (lower left). This graphic was created for a web course. Created in Flash.


 Holiday Card.
An animated holiday card. Created in Flash.
169kb animated gif

 An abstract of shapes.
Created in Director.
903kb animated gif

 An animated line, sneezing.
Created in Director.
15kb animated gif

 Animated Banner Ad.
This is a banner ad created for a book promotion. Created in LiveMotion and Flash.
221kb animated gif

 Bus Animation.
Animation for an early education web site. Created in Illustrator.
Then taken to Flash.
11kb Flash

Animated concept for a local fencing company. Created in Flash.

397kb Flash

 Dinosaur Nights.
Created in Flash.
114kb animated gif

 The Mayan Sport of Rock Tossing.
A rough animation created for the Prudential National Mutual Fund Meeting held in Cancun. Created in After Effects.
377kb animated gif

 A Halloween Screecher.
There is audio so please adjust your volume accordingly. Created in After Effects.
559kb Quicktime Movie
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